There is new product out there that has been taking Floor Covering by storm, it’s called LVT / LVP.

It is better known as LUXURY VINYL TILE / LUXURY VINYL PLANK. This product simulates natural materials such as stone or wood. There is a layer surface that has a very realistic photo created image.

With it being a photo image there is never two pieces with the same design. You are able to find the tile or the planks in many different sizes, which will help to give it that natural look.

Most of the times it will have a vinyl / limestone mixture which will give it that extra strength that can give you that protection that you need for your everyday needs. Some of the products will even come with a  “Scotch Guard” top layer which will prevent things from sticking on the flooring. Including those special projects around the house, that just need to get done.

LVT / LVP is very easy to take care of, a simple mop and the suggested cleaner is all you need. Some times after a few years, you might want to strip all the excess cleaner off, which can be done with a stripper that each company does carry along with the cleaner.

Another good thing that the LVT / LVP has is that it would either come in a glue down installation or a floating installation to accommodate your needs.

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